Telkom South Africa Call Center Unreachable, Subscribers Are Not Having It

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Telkom South Africa doesn’t exactly have what one would describe a really good reputation with its subscribers. From the calls to reduce data prices to subscribers demanding for better speeds.

While the telco may be enjoying a surge in fixed and mobile network traffic due to more people staying at home, it seems there’s a new issue cropping up – customer satisfaction.

On 29 May at 7 am, Telkom (through their official social media handle) announced that they were undergoing a system maintenance that left their call centres unreachable.

“Dear Customers, our Call Centres are currently down due to important system maintenance. We will inform you once we are up again. Thank you for your patience,” read the post.

After this announcement, a number of subscribers took it to the comment section to express their disappointment with the telco. The complaints ranged from sarcasm to calls for compensation. Interestingly though, the service provider did not respond to any of the queries by the time of going to press.

Here are some of the best responses Telkom subscribers had:

The Not So Happy Subscribers

Then those that want to be compensated

And the ones who find kindness in everything

As of publishing this piece, Telkom’s call centre had not yet gone back online, four hours later.

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