How To Send Please Call Me On Vodacom, Telkom, MTN and Cell C

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All the major telcos in South Africa have the option for subscribers to send a please call me to request to another subscriber in case they don’t have airtime to make a call.

This service is usually available through USSD and it’s free on all major networks. However, note that it is not possible to send a please call me request across competing networks.

Here’s how to send please call me on the major networks in South Africa:

Vodacom – *140*phonenumber#

MTN –  *121*phonenumber#

Cell C – *111*phonenumber#

Telkom – *140*phonenumber#

Things to Note

We tried to send a Please Call Me in 2019

Image Courtesy MyBroadband

  • Vodacom offers up to 10 please call me texts per day and each text sent includes an ad at the end.
  • MTN offers up to 5 please call me notifications and the SMS includes no ads.
  • Cell C also has a limit of 5 texts and like Vodacom, they do include an ad at the end of the text.
  • Telkom too has a 5 please call me limit with an ad at the end of the text.

By performing the above operation, the person you set as the recipient will get an SMS asking them to call you back.

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  1. Can someone from Telkom call me on 0829009253 pse.

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