Which South African Mobile Network Has The Cheapest Mobile Data in 2020?


The demand for affordable mobile data in South Africa has gone up over the years. This is mostly due to the reduction in smartphone prices which has put internet accessibility on the hands of more people in the country.

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has taken this demand further, putting pressure on South African mobile networks to revise their mobile data offerings and give better value to their subscribers. Increased completion has also contributed to the reduction in data cost, seeing that subscribers now have up to 8 service providers to choose from when it comes to getting a mobile data connection.

In this comparison, we are going to first look at what the main mobile networks have to offer in terms of the cheapest data bundle you can buy daily. Then compare their cost of 1GB weekly data bundle and their 3GB monthly data bundle.

Cheapest Daily Data Bundle

In this section, we compare the cheapest data bundle each operator has to offer.

OperatorCostData Bundle
Cell CR425MB

Cost of 1GB Weekly Mobile Data Bundle

Here we have listed the cost of 1GB of data, valid for 7 days. Each operator offered the same bundle with roughly the same price apart from Cell C which only offered a 5-day bundle with 1.2GB of data, this would be a good deal if it was a 7-day bundle like its competitors.

Cell CR80 (1.2GB Valid for 5 days)

Cost of 3GB Monthly Data Bundle

We would have preferred to feature a larger bundle under this monthly section but each operator had a different offering an only the 3G bundle was consistent across the board. The only difference being Cell C, who offered an additional 3G night bundle for use between midnight and 7 am, across the month.

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This is also the section where we say the biggest difference in pricing with Cell C leading the pack.

Cell CR149 (+3GB night bundle)

Cost of 1GB Data Bundle Across All Networks

The above comparisons only featured the main mobile operators, without the likes of Rain as they operate slightly different. To have a better understanding of the mobile data costs across all 8 players (including MVNOs), we shall breakdown the cost of 1GB of data with a validity period of 30 days.

A few things to note though, both Telkom and Cell C offer an additional night bundle as part of their package with Cell C going as far as doubling their data bundle from 1GB to 2GB in an ongoing promotion.

FNB ConnectR59None
Lyca MobileR79None
Cell CR100Double data to 2GB + 2GB night bundle
TelkomR100Additional 1GB night bundle

The quoted prices above were collected from each operator’s website on 17th June, 2020. If there’s any significant change by the time you are reading this article, kindly alert us using the comment section down below, thanks.

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