Telkom To Upgrade ADSL Customers To Fibre For Free

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Telkom has announced that it is shutting down its copper-based ADSL and DSL connections and consequently moving current customers to Fibre connections.

The move comes as the Internet Service Provider (ISP) aims to combat rampart cable theft which leads to numerous downtimes and higher infrastructure costs. Telkom says that they will be upgrading all ADSL customers where fibre connections are ready across the country.

“This migration applies to all customers residing in fibre-ready regions around the country where the current DSL infrastructure overlaps with the FTTH (fibre-to-the-home) footprint,” Telkom said.

It is also considered an upgrade since Fibre has numerous benefits over copper. “The reality is that fibre-based internet promises users several benefits over its copper alternative. First and foremost, customers will enjoy faster internet upload and download speeds, a more stable internet connection, and reduced downtime,” Telkom stated.

Compulsory Move

Telkom has said that the move from copper to Fibre is compulsory but those customers who don’t want a fibre connection can choose between Wireless LTE or Fixed Line Lookalike (FLLA).

“While the move away from copper-based internet is compulsory, we are here to work with customers to find an alternative connectivity solution that best suits their needs. If they aren’t on board with fibre, there are many other options available to choose from, such as wireless LTE and Fixed Line Lookalike,” says Steven White, Product Development & Management Executive at Telkom.

Customers will not be charged anything, as the upgrade will be free. “We want all those affected to know that we are waiving the cost of installation. So, essentially, customers can benefit from an incredible upgrade without having to pay a cent in the process. The only cost involved will be the monthly cost of the new internet package that each user selects,” White said.

The switch from copper to fibre is part of Telkom’s long-term strategy to optimise user experience and reduce the cost of maintenance.

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