WASPA Launches New Tool To Block Unwanted SMS Marketing

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SMS spam marketing has been a big issue in South Africa with telecommunications companies failing to weed out the vice. The issue is even more painful when subscribers are charged premium fees to receive SMS marketing they did not sign up for.

At last, you can breathe a sigh of relief. The Wireless Application Service Providers’ Association (WASPA) has launched a Do Not Contact database that lets mobile subscribers in South Africa opt-out of SMS marketing from WASPA members.

According to WASPA, the database is updated weekly and its meant to ensure that SMS marketing is not Spam and only reaches those who want it.“… represents a virtual ‘Do Not Disturb’ service that can prevent unwanted direct marketing intrusions by SMS,” WASPA said.

How It Works

Subscribers are only required to provide the phone numbers they want to be exempted from SMS marketing and those who wish to unblock themselves can do so at any time.

You can access the database through the website or by dialling USSD  *120*69269# on your phone or sending an SMS with the word “Block” to 40662.

Take note that you will incur a charge of 20 cents per 20 seconds of using the USSD method and 50c per message send using the SMS code.

“Mobility enables more of us to stay at home and keep safe by reducing our exposure to the outside world. There are, however, mobile users who wish to safeguard their privacy when it comes to direct marketing messages and the DNC database will be especially useful to them,” added WASPA.

The DNC tool only blocks SMS marketing from WASPA members. You will still receive such spam messages from firms that are who do direct marketing. Subscription and notification services are also not affected by the block list.

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