PlayStation 5 Pre-Orders Sell Out Minutes Later in South Africa

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Sony has had a long weekend. Pre-orders for their next-generation console erroneously kicked off a day earlier than they should have. This created chaos as people rushed to be among the first to own the Play Station 5.

The chaos caused by what we can term as a “glitch” left many who had planned to pre-order the console very much disappointed. “Let’s be honest: PS5 pre-orders could have been a lot smoother. We truly apologize for that,” Sony said on the official PlayStation Twitter account.

In South Africa, pre-orders for the console kicked off Thursday morning, 17th September 2020 (as they should have everywhere else). The first stores to kick off the pre-orders were BT Games, Koodoo and Raru.

Other retailers such as Game, Makro and Takealot opened pre-orders for the PlayStation 5 on Friday and by the end of the weekend, all the stores reported that their stock had run out. “Our PS5 Standard Console Pre-Order went live at 9:30 AM and sold out four minutes later,” said e-commerce store, Raru while speaking to MyBroadband.

There’s no indication of how much stock each of these stores had, so it could have been a very limited initial bunch, and that would explain how the whole stock ran out so fast. The prices for the PlayStation 5 are R9,999 and R11,999 for the digital-only edition and the standard edition respectively.

Gaming retail store BT Games said that it would be stocking up PlayStation 5 consoles on about three to four weeks after the official launch of the consoles on 19th November. So those looking to get their hands on the PS5 soon, start planning for Mid-December or right before Christmas.

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