These Are South Africa’s Best Internet Service Providers

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Cool Ideas, Afrihost and Vox are South Africa’s best internet service providers (ISPs), at least according to MyBroadband’s Q3 2020 broadband and ISP report.

The report which collects usage data and customer satisfaction ratings from thousands of users in South Africa, ranks Cool Ideas, Afrihost, Vox, MTN and Webafrica as the top ISPs in the country with ratings of 7.88, 7.54, 7.37, 7.35 and 7.18 respectively.

“The report is based on thousands of customer satisfaction ratings from South African broadband users between 1 July and 30 September 2020. These customer satisfaction ratings are collected through MyBroadband’s web-based, Android, and iOS speed test apps,” reads the report.

“After a user performs a speed test on these platforms, they are asked to rate their ISP based on their overall satisfaction with the service.”

MyBroadband then uses these ratings to compute a score out of 10. The ISPs are then ranked with the ones garnering the highest satisfaction scores, coming top of the list.

In case you are curious as to which ISPs were ranked as the poorest performers when it comes to customer satisfaction, Rain, Telkom, HeroTel, Cell C and Liquid Telecom dominate that end of the list.

The table below shows the average customer satisfaction score of the largest ISPs in South Africa:

ISP Rating
Cool Ideas 7.88
Afrihost 7.54
Vox 7.37
MTN 7.35
Webafrica 7.18
Supersonic 6.94
Axxess 6.93
Vodacom 6.85
Internet Solutions 6.57
MWEB 6.40
Liquid Telecom 6.24
Cell C 6.17
HeroTel 6.13
Telkom 5.32
Rain 5.29

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