Vodacom Explains Reason For Multiple Network Outages

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Image Courtesy Andrea Piacquadio (Pexels)

Vodacom subscribers have been experiencing mobile network issues twice, in a span of 10 days. The first outage happened on November 13th, followed by a second outage on 23rd November. The network issues resulted in subscribers losing data connections.

According to reports, the first outage on Friday the 13th, happened at around 1 PM, while the second outage happened 10 days later and affected subscribers across the country and other mobile services intermittently.

Network Faults

As per reports by Vodacom, the outages were not related to each other. “Vodacom identified network element faults which caused abnormal retransmits and resulted in data connectivity issues for some customers,” the telecom said.

Even though the company did not provide any detailed information as to what exactly transpired, they did confirm that the issues had been resolved. “Vodacom’s network team has since resolved the issues identified on the core nodes and has implemented additional mitigation controls,” added the company’s spokesperson.

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