Beware: New South African Post Office Scam Doing Rounds Online

south african post office postman
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The South African Post Office has warned citizens against a phishing scam that is currently doing rounds through email, claiming that a person owes money to the government through customs duties.

“The SA Post Office continues to receive inquiries from members of the public who receive an email stating that a package could not be delivered to them because of outstanding customs duties,” said the South African Post Office. The phishing emails are pretty convincing as the address of the sender is manipulated to look as if it was sent by the Post Office, whereas it is sent by a malicious party.

“The mail contains a link that leads them to a payment page not operated by the Post Office, and refers to a fraudulent tracking number not issued by the Post Office,” said the South African Post Office.
The Postman not only warned against the fraudulent email, but the agency also clarified that they do not require customers to pay for fees before the delivery is made.

“The Post Office never charges customs fees or import duties before delivering a parcel,” said the SA Post Office. “If there are fees payable, this is done at the time when the item is actually handed over to the customer.”

The SA Post Office has also provided an example of the sort of fake email that is being sent by these fraudsters as seen below:

post office scam

“Anyone who receives an email of this nature should delete it immediately and must not respond,” read the Post Office’s statement.

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